We offer the following services to our clients:


Aircraft Interior refurbishment

We provide the industry leader’s services in the area of aircraft seating, interior refurbishment, parts support and window repair. Sublime Aviation offers only win-win deals to our clients with extremely competitive prices, quality and time frames of service.


We broker new and quality pre-owned aircraft and helicopters. Some of these aircraft are under consignment with the owner. Our company also acts as an exclusive Buyers Agent for individuals and companies looking for quality pre-owned aircraft with specific attributes.


We indirectly provide aircraft and aircraft engines leasing to airlines on a global basis. Through our partners we also offer different types of leasing of a variety of popular commercial and general aircraft in agreed with the client quantities.


We provide consulting services in the areas of aircraft selection; assets appraisals; pre-purchase inspection and litigation assistance. Our company is able to assist start-up airlines with feasibility studies, business plans, route analysis and financing.

Parts supply

Team members of Sublime Aviation are involved in providing high-quality aircraft, engines and airframe parts distribution and support services to the international commercial aviation industry. With a state of the art facility, advance test equipment, a team of certified airframe and power plant mechanics and technicians and a full engineering and DER staff. Sublime Aviation supplies parts upon client’s requests.