Henry graduated with a Second Class Honours – Upper Division in Accountancy from the Anambra State University of Technology Enugu, Nigeria, in 1990. He also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Marketing from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He has remained an avid scholar, having written various thesis and articles and participated and facilitated some management courses within the various industries he has worked in, for the past fifteen years.

A recognized top performer and achiever with a multidisciplinary background and a knack for looking beyond obstacles and challenges, Henry has had a highly resourceful career that exposed him to work in strategic sectors of the economy, such as Public Sector, Financial sector, Food and Beverage, Advertising, Oil Servicing and telecommunications. In all these sectors his vision, eclectic disposition and unquenchable appetite to surpass standards and raise the bar saw him rapidly through the corporate ladder. A hands-on leader and manager, Henry’s ability to foster relationships and apply men and materials to utmost result, marked him out early in his career for uncommon achievements.

Henry joined Cell Communications Ltd. in April 2004, as General Manager and brought with him a highly invaluable wealth of experience. He quickly settled into the job and re-engineered the company for ambitious results, thereby earning a seat on the Board as the Managing Director, six months after assumption of office. Deploying his forte, which is strategic management, and his deft leadership skills, he won several corporate and individual awards for Cell Communications Limited and himself respectively. For the company, he won The West African Institute of Direct Marketing Award in Telecommunications sector for the year 2005, while he bagged The Strategic Finance & Administrative Institutes’ Fellowship Award. He was equally awarded the prestigious Golden Pen Award by the Nigeria Union of Journalists at their Golden Jubilee Anniversary, held at Abuja, February 2006. He has continued to receive recognitions through several invitations to present papers at both local and international conferences.


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