Sublime Oil & Gas

Sublime Oil & Gas was incorporated in Nigeria as an oil and gas supply, trading and servicing company, with a vision to provide petroleum products at competitive prices in Nigeria and the West African sub–region. Sublime Oil & Gas was set up to take advantage of the emerging market in Nigeria and government’s reinvigorated local content drive to encourage local companies’ in the petroleum sector.

Sublime Oil & Gas is a wholly indigenous company; its directors are individuals of proven integrity, who over the years have acquired the requisite experience in the petroleum and petroleum-related products trading business.

  • Retail and Distribution of LPG through retail outlets
  • To serve as contractors in the supply of LPFO to factories
  • Importation of white petroleum products to NNPC, major and independent marketers
  • Retail and Distribution of AGO to hotels, banks, offices and factories
  • Sublime Oil & Gas core values center on Teamwork, Adaptability, Safety and environment
  • Teamwork: The spirit of teamwork and mutual support are essential to our effectiveness
  • Adaptability: We are always willing to adapt to change while maintaining our fundamental values and constancy of purpose
  • Safety and Environment: The safety of people, sites and the protection of environment are essential obligations, which the company strictly adheres to

Sublime Oil & Gas major strength lies in the supply and marketing of LPFO ( Low Pour Fuel Oil) and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in Nigeria, but other interests include:

Refined Products

  • Gasoline (PMS)
  • Gas oil (AGO)
  • Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Semi Refined Products

  • Fuel Oil (/HPFO)
  • Naphtha

Unrefined Products

  • Crude Oil
  • Condensates
  • LNG

Strategic Partnering Prospects:

  • Supply of 3,000tons monthly of Gasoil to the Hinterland in partnership with All-stream Energy Limited.
  • Construction of 100 tons LPG refilling plant in Abuja and Kaduna.
  • Building of a strategic export terminal in the delta region for the export of propane coming from existing terminals.
  • In partnership with Geogas attain export allocation of  1,000,000,cm3 LPG (Propane & Butane)

Sublime Oil & Gas Ltd has a strict quality control and quality assurance policy. We guarantee that our products meet the highest international standards in conformity with NNPC specification for all petroleum products.

  • NNPC Specification for all petroleum products
  • We employ reputable inspection services such as SGS, Q&Q Control Inspection Services to carry out product analysis for conformity with product specification.
  • Our partners also employ the following policies: HSE, QA and ISO 9002. They also utilize the most qualified shipping / marine service procedures.