About Sublime Logistics

Sublime Logistics is a supply chain management solution and service provider, with core competencies in the provision of comprehensive product handling services, which includes but are not limited to creating customized logistics solutions, providing required infrastructure and equipment, inventory and stock management as well as 3rd and 4th party logistics services.

Our unique offering creates value for customers through a partnership model focused on delivering a seamless platform for the efficient matching of supply and demand. This platform is driven through the use of strategic infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, robust IT applications as well as highly skilled and trained professionals.

Sublime Logistics owns and operates a multi-product, fully automated construction and building-materialsdistribution system located in Lagos, with a loading capacity for up to 100 trucks and among the few companies in Nigeria with such loading capability. Additionally, the strategic locations of our offices give our clients access and commercial advantage to the South-West and Northern Nigerian markets.

In addition, our holistic approach to service logistics allows our clients, access to a network of strategically located and technology enabled warehouses, offering tailor-made supply chain management solutions, to manufacturing and other retail companies.